5 Questions That Every Business Needs To Ask

  1. How has today’s rapidly evolving security landscape affected your Organisation?
  2. What threats have you faced, and which emerging risks most concern you?
  3. Do you feel that you have the right strategy and tools to rise the challenge – or are you being overwhelmed?
  4. What new measures will you adopt in the year to come?
  5. How will you help your Organisation as a whole move to a more secure footing?

Security Assessments

The first step in maintaining a secure network is to regularly assess and revise the state of your network.  Point in time snapshots are essential to ensure that ongoing projects do not compromise security.

Fultura offer a free security review, providing clients with an overview of external and internal security and offering advice on best practices to ensure your networks are secure.

 Perimeter Security

In a world where every business is effectively connected to the same network as billions of home users, protecting your data from malicious attacks and unauthorised access has become a primary concern.

Fultura have partnered with Check Point, the foremost security vendor worldwide to provide resilient, secure perimeters to corporate networks, whilst allowing flexible working and encrypted remote access, key services that modern businesses require.

Endpoint Security

With the advent of Smart Phones, iPad’s, ultrabooks and pen drives, protecting your business intellectual property and assets have become a complex issue.

Firewalls, compliance, PCI, SOX, ITIL and many other standards need to be kept up in the corporate environment and it should be no different for small businesses.

Fultura and Check Point can answer ALL of these issues from Perimeter Anti-Virus, Spam Filtering, Bot-Net detection to managing Bring-your-own-device (BYOD).